Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lesson In Geography

It happened last week. Small branch Post Office by Trader Joe's. Getting a letter mailed to Belgium. Big board on the employee's wall with 5 pricing columns: Canada, Western Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa.
- Employee: "Belgium... mmh... it's in Western Europe or Australia?"
- Reply from an impatient tofu snob in line: "It's in Africa."
- Perplexed look on the employee's face.
- I reply with an encouraging smile: "It's in the E.U."
- Panicked look on the employee's face.
- Me: "I mean, Europe, Western Europe."
- Employee: "That's right... next to England, right?"
- Me: "Yeah, pretty close."
- Extreme relief on employee's face.

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marie said...

superbe! on ne pourrait pas l'inventer même en réfléchissant très fort;