Thursday, July 6, 2006

California Wildlife

The California Wildlife Center rescues, rehabilitates and releases imperiled wildlife. As The Malibu Times reminds us this week, "They're pals with the pelicans, saviors to seals, close to the coyote and buddies with the bobcat. In fact, when critters have a close call, the California Wildlife Center is a beast's best friend [more]"

As a former Paris/London/New York city rat, I marvel daily at L.A.'s unique ecology; its space, ocean, mountains, desert, earthquakes, fires, floods, and wildlife -- encroaching back on what used to be its territory. Squirrels play tightrope walkers on electric wires or steal pet food, coyottes cruise lazily on golf courses and dine in garbage cans -- if not on pets --, dolphins swim with surfers, sea lions bark on the waveline, even bobcats venture in urban areas...
screenshots L.A. Natural History Museum & The Malibu Times

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