Thursday, July 6, 2006

Death Of The Road Warrior

Dude, where's Bandit's car?

Pat Morrison wrote a witty piece in the Op-Ed section of the LATimes on how "High gas prices would have grounded our famous road warriors...

Too bad about Dean Moriarty, and Thelma and Louise. Ditto Humbert Humbert and Clyde Barrow. All dead on the cultural interstate. Road kill now, every last one of them, flattened by the high price of gas...

Something in every American cultural genre of the last half a dozen decades — books, movies, pop music, high art and low — has sputtered or sped along on the fuel of cheap gasoline. Four wheels and forward motion; sex and crime on tuck-and-roll upholstery; work and redemption on that unspooling promise of pavement [more]"
photos from the great museum/site Petersen Automotive Museum

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