Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Grandeur & Décadence

Broadway palaces
The Broadway District in Downtown Los Angeles has the largest concentration of pre-World War II movie theaters in America.
Unfortunately, most of them have been left to rot, or turned into seedy storage rooms for the cheap knick knack stores that now populate the area -- like leprous tributes to 1920s and 30s Hollywood glam.

The Orpheum, Los Angeles and Palace theaters are a few survivors. They mostly open for private functions, but sometimes you'll get lucky -- thanks to the Los Angeles Conservancy, who organizes regular events such as the Last Remaining Seats classic film series. Earlier this year, we had the immense privilege to see Fritz Lang's Metropolis at the Orpheum, with live player on the original organ.
The Los Angeles Conservancy is dedicated to the recognition, preservation, and revitalization of the architectural and cultural heritage of L.A. Its numerous initiatives include walking tours exploring the city's unique architecture and history.
[Great book with superb photos]
[update 02/08: Palace Revival in Architect's Newspaper]
photos LA Frog/bottom: scans Last Remaining Seats flyer

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