Thursday, July 6, 2006

Paris Techno Picnics

40 days in Paris writes about WiFi picnics in Paris. With a very à-propos title Let them eat bandwith!, the story asks:

"Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe plans to install 400 WiFi access points all over the city in 2007 [...] Wifi picnicing is another way to use WiFi while socializing. One wonders if the spread of WiFi Gratis throughout Paris will diminish people's interest in mobbing together to share tips and conversation. [more]"

French etiquette, my childhood days of on ne joue pas à table! are definitely gone...
scan Santa Monica Daily Press


MonsieurCAVALIER said...

I suppose we will soon see laptop "Battery Charging Stations" next to beverage vendor carts at the Jardin des Tuileries and elsewhere? At least the techies are out in the sun, getting some fresh air.

I hope SoCal is being kind to you. I'm Sorry to hear that L.A.'s little-known underground Armenian taxi syndicate has caused you so much trouble. You should do what any self-respecting Angelino would do...turn your experience into a TV SitCom or Independent Film! In true Hollywood style, your story will mutate and be changed so that the Taxi Mafia is actually Somoan instead of Armenian, thus enabling the role of the driver to be given to Keanu Reeves.

It's a wierd town. Enjoy!

LA Frog said...

And like in every good Hollwyood movie, the story ends well, with the possibility of a sequel ;)