Thursday, July 6, 2006

South Central Farm: Wrong Direction

Bulldozers finally moved in to raze the farming plots at 41st and Alameda. Despite local outrage and mobilization, talks collapsed between the owner-developer, and the mayor of L.A. who had attempted to raise the necessary funds to buy the land.

A former concrete lot littered with garbage, the South Central Farm had been converted over the past 15 years into a beautiful, productive, green oasis. Set on 14 acres, it was a source of local, organically grown food for the 350 farming families and the community.
In a world where urban sprawl destroys thousands of miles of open space a year, and in a city where lawmakers have promised "the greening of LA", the farm was a successful and popular example of what could be done in cities across the nation.
LAT update 11/21/06
LAT update 05/12/11 A South-Central garden spot again?

photo LA Frog from ephemeral Not A Cornfield project

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