Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Gallery Finds

Wilshire. Arguably one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in Los Angeles. And yet, the boulevard is dotted with derelict no man's lands, right next to luxury apartments and corporate HQs. One of those friches north of Fairfax hides a cluster of cool art galleries behind a squalid front. This weekend's finds:
Katie Grinnan's Cheerleaders @ ACME
Chris Jordan's eerie pictures of post-Katrina's desolation @ Paul Peikin [superb catalog In Katrina's Wake]
Coming back on La Cienega:
Chinese artist/chronicler Hung Liu @ Walter Maciel [interesting bio]
Ruben Ochoa's mind-blowing earth sculpture @ LAxART
[with behind-the-scene detail]
photos LA Frog & gallery sites [more pix on The Flog]

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