Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Politics of Fashion

NYC artist Tom Sachs loves to critique fashion and street culture:
Adbusters, the "Journal of the Mental Environment", revels in denouncing the diktats of fashion and consumerism:
Things get really interesting when the fashion world itself takes an activist stance. CityBeat recently ran a feature on "L.A.'s Echo Chic Fall Fashion", an in-depth look at local designers' environmental consciousness. And Vogue America graces its September issue with a ten-page article discussing Japanese avant-garde designers and "combattants denouncing global events and the status quo":
A stark departure from the likes of Galliano's über-frivolity. Now on to ready-to-debate fashion -- if not quite to-wear. Zeitgeist, I guess.
screenshots Tom Sachs/Cool Hunter, scans Adbusters & Vogue America


Michael said...

I know I've been criticised for using this word too often, but honestly, this is really "cool"!!

LA Frog said...

I agree...and an interesting trend, too.