Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Fette Announces

Fette, a French gallery buff and creator of the Los Angeles based art blog The Flog -- my daily bonbon -- announces the opening of her own space in Culver City:
I am very happy to announce the inaugural exhibition of fette's gallery with I know you, but you don't know me, a group show featuring Marie Blanchard, Melanie Bonajo, Brian Bress, Roya Falahi, Mehdi Hercberg, Hyun-Gyoung Kim, David Ostrowski, Körner Union and Stuart White. The show will open on Saturday, October 21st. A private view will take place the day before, on Friday, October 20th.

After much conversations with myself and with my friends, I finally took the decision to open my own space here in Los Angeles, Culver City to be more precise. As much as a lot of you know and have experienced, the city is carrying a formidable energy and is welcoming new creative inspirations every day. In this regard, I envision fette's gallery as a home-based laboratory which will allow you to participate in dialogues made between artists working outside of the city, and artists working in the realm of California.

This first show brings together ten artists whose explorations link to domestic settings. Each of them deal with our modern relationships toward mass-produced objects, the way we surround ourselves with ready-made principles, absurd and ironic order, and with the poetry that inspire us to create such intimate, violent, irrational and beautiful worlds.
Sweet waves to Fette for a well deserved success.
illustration Fette

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