Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Grocery Peeve

Shopping is a chore. Especially in the large grocery chains, where one has to schlepp from time to time to get items that can't be found elsewhere. Yuck to the industrially produced, genetically enhanced, gross-looking food in oversize boxes; the depressing decor and staff; the shelves that are always half empty, third world style; the numerous check-out lines, of which there are never more than three open -- each with a TV blasting commercials right in your queueing face; the overwhelming feeling that you're a consuming unit waiting to be lobotomized into burning the credit card.
So, why not add another peeve? Now the stores offer shopping carts that extend into kiddie cars -- like beached whales clogging the aisles. I hate shopping.
photo LA Frog


bourgogne said...

you crack me up frog! i particularly hate the lighting in supermarkets (that adds to the lobotomy process). i really really hate that.

btw, you might have already seen this but i just read it a few days ago. of course, it's not surprising but some of it is sort of shocking: dirty secrets of the food processing industry

LA Frog said...

Yes, I forgot about the torture chamber light...I guess the lobotomizing process is working =0
Thanks for the link about the food processing industry: disgusting indeed. Life here is an everyday hunt for non-WMD food. Which is why I only go to those horrible stores for things like bleach.