Sunday, October 1, 2006

Recycled Spaces

Great article on Recycled Spaces in the L.A.Times today:
People in L.A. aren't the only ones getting make-overs. Buildings are too [...] It's part of a trend known in preservation parlance as adaptive reuse. Born again, these buildings give rise to unique dwellings with a lot of soul. They also make sound conservation sense, preserving resources and helping to put the brakes on regional sprawl. Evocative of other eras, these reincarnations are poised for 21st century sights, sounds and experiences.
The article goes on to describe the recycling of a church, a power station, a grocery store, a firehouse, and my favorite conceptually: a Chinatown movie theater. Complete with a a cool 360º viewer.
Reminds me of my days of night-clubbing in a former church, or calling the stables of an old Louis XVI casern in Paris my pied-à-terre. Recycling old spaces is nothing new in Europe, the East Coast, or even San Francisco. But in future-driven Southern California -- where the past has no gravitas and space is treated as a purely commercial affair -- it's a welcome trend.
screenshot of 360º viewer/Chinatiwn movie theater

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