Saturday, December 2, 2006

Fishermen On The Pier

Another vignette from Los Angeles Then & Now:
"Rebuilt several times since its construction in 1874, Santa Monica Pier is one for the few remaining landmarks of turn-of-the-century Los Angeles. There was good fishing at the end of the pier, where water taxis were rented to take people to offshore gambling barges."
"By the late 1960s, much of this area had disappeared and the Santa Monica Pier was in trouble. In 1983, terrible rainstorms washed away part of the pier. Today the Santa Monica Pier has been carefully restored. The amusement park has the world's first solar-powered Ferris wheel--and there's always fishing at the end of the pier."
Another type of fishing goes nearby -- from a homeless fishing for coins. The "bum market" has become so competitive that only creativity will reep a coin. This being a social comment.
photos: top L.A. Then & Now/others LA Frog

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