Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Green: The New Black

The question is asked throughout this very interesting exhibition at the University Art Museum of Long Beach: Beyond Green, Towards a Sustainable Art. Organized by the University of Chicago's Smart Museum of Art, the traveling exhibit explores the ways that sustainable design philosophy resonates with the work of an emerging generation of international artists. Says the intro to the exhibit:
"From hybrid cars to green city initiatives, green strategies have become increasingly visible parts of corporate practice, civic policy, and consumer desire. What to make of all this green?" Is green the new chic? The way black is/was?
"Sustainability involves meeting the needs of the present without sacrificing the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable design puts such thinking into practice within the actual stiff of everyday life. It addresses structures such as offices, homes, and other buildings; objects such as tools, books, clothes, and cars; and processes and networks such as public transportation and recycling systems."The exhibition is limited and closes on December 17th, but for those interested in the subject, the catalogue is a worthy resource.
Pictured above:
- Michael Rakowitz inflatable sheds for the homeless, made of cheap material inflated and heated with wasted building heat.
- Kevin Kempf organza compost bags for those who can't compost their waste: a contractor will turn it into "teabags" you can use to fertilize your own plants.
- Allora & Calzadilla motorcyle transformed into urban jazz poetry.
- Jane Palmer & Marianne Fairbanks handmade cloth and leather bags with flexible solar panels, flat screen monitor, DVD player, cell phone, and electrical circuitry: do your business and watch DVDs using your bag...how cool is that?!
photos LA Frog