Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Center Of The Universe

L.A. is the center of the universe. That is: according to Stanton Stalnaker, global marketing guru and author of Hub Culture: The Next Wave of Urban Consumers. "Hub culture is a place where the world's progressive urban people integrate to elevate," says Stanton. Los Angeles: Hub Culture's 2007 Zeitgeist Ranking #1?
Sure it's big, but LA is finally hitting on all cylinders: fashion, tech, entertainment, and overall groove. American Apparel is changing fashion with vertically integrated manufacturing. LA's skull and bones indie rock fashion dominates globally. Myspace culture is taken for granted, everywhere. New walking areas and urban regeneration projects, from downtown to Malibu to Hollywood, make the city much more palatable than before, despite the endless crush of traffic. Entourage and other shows, from the OC to Laguna Beach, have moved the collective consciousness west. All in this and more help make LA the city of the moment: the energy is positive, its power is on the rise, and people everywhere have LA on their mind.
Full story via LAVoice, including a list of Hubculture has-beens. Ouch.