Sunday, January 28, 2007

Homestead L.A.

From Los Angeles neon:
It's a long trek across the desert to reach Los Angeles. Slowly, the city unfolds, rising up, winking, blinking, and vibrating with possibility. The standard mission of any settler: homestead. It'll be a while before your life is on track and you're the proud owner of that little stucco job with its tiny lawn out in some bedroom community. Or you may just decide that such responsibility doesn't reflect your kinetic energy, and you elect to hang your hat somewhere more fluid. Either way, you'll need a place to stay.

Countless places to put up your feet, to lay your head, to sleep it off, to murmur a million words of pillow talk. Garden apartments. Bungalow courts. Flop house rooms above liquor stores. Swanky Wilshire hi-rise apartment buildings. Rooms by the week, rooms for eternity.

Los Angeles -- come for a night, stay for a lifetime.