Sunday, January 28, 2007

Art LA

Art LA surpassed itself this year. Exhibitors at the Los Angeles' international contemporary art fair present a mindblowing variety of quality work until Sunday. A must-check for art buffs.
Kudos to [dNASAb]'s iPod-based multimedia sculptures, which mix the Apple icon with original music, video, and a multitude of techno-gear ranging from resin to fiberoptics. Samples above and below, including a portrait of the artist with his Miami dealer Spinello. It was only a matter of time before the iPod became an art icon, but dNASAb takes the concept to another, wild dimension.
Other faves include: ACE's multimedia installation, Ed Porter's fountain made of junkets bought in Tijuana, Gavin Perry's dystopian graphics, and last but not least: Carlos Ulloa, who crashed the show with a Greman painter friend, turning up with a truck as their own exhibit space. Below: last 3#.
The LA Art Show is also on this weekend. More planplan-gilt frame, yet with some pleasant surprises. Noteworthy: Guido Albi Marini's Miami Beach [below], and Eric Zener's "Surfacing" work.
Some people still snub that there's no culture in L.A.? Pffft!
photos LA Frog