Sunday, January 21, 2007


The New York Sun published a series of vignettes on L.A., as seen through the resolutely East Coaster eyes of the paper's reporters. From food to art, style, architecture, literature, photography, philanthropy...even basketball. Great roundup despite the stereotypes.

French intelligentsia contemplate the meaning of Bond: in a conference co-organized by no less than the French National Library, researchers came together to "dissect and psychoanalyze, criticize and lionize Ian Fleming's debonair creation." More in the IHT.

Readers of the International Herald Tribune will remember American in Paris Art Buchwald for his witty, satirical, sometimes obscure, always entertaining columns. The vieille arsouille left us this past week. Obits in the N.Y.Times, including his own. More tributes in Salon: "Pudgy cigar smoker", "Relentlessly cheerful", "Free bombing", ...
illustration New York Sun & screenshot from NYT video