Friday, February 2, 2007

The Art In Architects

Koplin Del Rio presents Entropy: The Art in Archietcts, a multimedia exhibit showcasing 21 Southern California architects.
"The show’s title refers to a term used in physics for the principles of thermodynamics, of systems passing from a state of instability to one in a higher stationary order. The exhibition applies this principle to the process or system of the architect, more specifically, how the artistic endeavor of gathering self-information, finding architecture, converting space into tension, order, scale, environment and stability through structure, develops a state of higher rule." [more]
Drawing from art, music, literature, or computer science, the exhibit is a perfect inspiration for archi-buffs. Noted: Marcos Novak's paper sculptures, Thom Mayne, Herman Alonzo, Jennifer Siegal.
photos LA Frog: Thoma Mayne & Marcos Novak