Monday, March 5, 2007

Premium Greens

The news fell last week: our beloved Wild Oats organic grocery store is being swallowed by health food deluxe Whole Foods. Wild Oats was already a tad expensive, but with Whole Foods, on explose la banque.

Deliberate elitism? Not entirely, according to CityBeat. "There is nothing inevitable about good food being expensive," writes Andrew Gumbell. "Rather, it is the result of deliberate government policies and priorities [...] Huge agribusiness concerns are rewarded with lavish subsidies for growing cash crops, leaving almost no room for more diverse produce that could give rise to a proper, deep-rooted, universal food culture in this country [...] Unlike in Europe." [more]

I long for the days where living and eating green in this country is no longer a luxury -- merely an acte citoyen.
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