Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wack! The Digital Divide

The Dude is an über-geek, working for an international think tank. My job would not exist without techonolgy. Our beach pad is a techno-hub. But we both killed our cell phones because we realized that we didn't really need them -- they just cluttered our lives and invaded our privacy.
With MOCA's exhibit WACK!, we experienced our first digital divide. The "Art and the feminist revolution" show is already abstract to those, like us, who do not adhere to the feminist dogma. It is heavily conceptual, with an eclectic mix of political statements and rare art pieces. Yet, it is a fantastic testimony to the feminist revolution, with 119 women from 21 countries spanning the years 1964 to 1980.

The most challenging part of the show is that it comes with NO explanation -- unless you have a cell phone. If you do, each room will give you a phone number you can call to have the artist explain her approach. If you don't, you're left in a limbo. Welcome to the new art world. [Wack! reviews in LAWeekly & LAT]
artwork Magdalena Abakanowicz/screenshot from WACK! website