Sunday, January 27, 2008

Art LA

Art LA, L.A.'s international contemporary art fair, took place at the Santa Monica Civic this weekend -- showcasing over 60 galleries from L.A. to New York, Berlin to Mexico, Auckland to Tokyo, and more.
Interesting cross-section of what's going on in the contemporary art world, yet with notable absentees such as sculpture and digital art. A few wild cards, too: dirty Crocs, an inflatable tank, or an Aeron chair installation. Pix of the show here.
Party-crasher Danny Scheible had discreetly transformed a couple of square feet in the lobby into a guerrilla art studio.
A Sacramento artist building elaborate models in masking tape, Danny was making some artwork in his corner when we struck a conversation. Within minutes, a cutesy little tart dispatched by the event manager told us to "cease all interaction," and me to go browse through Danny's portfolio outside the premises, ie. in the rain. So much for supporting the arts. Not cool, Mr. Fleming.When I asked Danny if he was trained as an architect, he offered a cheeky smile but solemn eyebrow, and this deadpan reply: "No, Lego and contemporary art." More pix of Danny's work here.
photos LA Frog