Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Metro Art

Metro, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, prides itself in sponsoring art projects destined "to make the transit experience more inviting and meaningful for the public."
Though taking public transport may seem like an oddity in this car capital -- I often get perplexed looks when I mention that I have a pass -- Metro's artistic endeavors make the experience worthwhile. It is real fun to go on art safaris, chasing works throughout stations, trains and buses. That each of them conveys a sense of place and history makes the experience particularly compelling.
Metro's wide array of initiatives includes the neighborhood poster series. Sixteen artists were commissioned to portray "the distinctive character and vitality of the neighborhoods and destinations served by the transit network" criss-crossing the city from Echo Park to Hermosa Beach; from Watts to Pomona; from Topanga Canyon to Chinatown. Each poster comes with a brief history, turning what could be a bland ride into a trigger for the imagination. The good news is: the posters are now available for sale at the Metro store.
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poster illustrations via Metro