Wednesday, January 16, 2008


To those who question Los Angeles' status as a global city, here are the facts: 224 languages are spoken here. Local cops are determined not to be lost in translation, as the LA Times reports. "The Phraselator [a handheld translation device now being used by LAPD] enables officers to translate and broadcast thousands of prerecorded phrases in a multitude of languages," writes Blogging LA. Worth noting is that 32% of the LAPD force has some foreign language proficiency... Anyone to up the ante?

Blogging LA did a little more research, and learned that "128 people in Chatsworth speak Gujarathi. 148 in Mid-Wilshire converse in Laotian. And 38 in Highland Park communicate in Navajo." And 118 people in Hollywood speak Greek. Welcome to L.A. -- the ultimate cosmopolitan place.
photo LA Frog: Union Station mural "The people of LA"