Friday, January 4, 2008


Just when the world was losing faith in the U.S. of A.
Democratic contender Barack Obama turned out favorite in yesterday's Iowa caucus. Mike Huckabee won the beauty contest on the Republican side, but his candidacy is likely to become irrelevant soon -- if only for lack of money, which is the nerf de la guerre in this country's political process. The battle is far from over, and the road to the November elections is going to be long and rough -- not counting possible wild cards such as New York mayor and serial billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Obama's plebiscite is a refreshing departure from the past eight years of "doctrine" that has left the country, and the world, in shock. If nothing else, it shows that America's ability to renew and reinvent itself is still there. Even neocon paper The Weekly Standard calls an election that hasn't been so open for years "The end of inevitability."

And with a candidate like Obama, who so perfectly embodies change with his political "virginity," roots and appeal across racial lines, what better way to signal that the country is ready to address its pressing issues, to genuinely care for its citizens, and to get back at the world table? America may have a dream... French review of US press here.
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