Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Cost Of Green

What's wrong with this picture?
The "wrong" is a fundamental difference between the U.S. and Europe in their respective approach to environmental consciousness. Here, being "green" is generally costly and requires self-education and policing. In Europe, it will cost you not to be "green," and it will be a matter of public policy.

For instance, organic and other enviro-stores here still flood you with unnecessary plastic wrapping and bags, even if they have started proposing tote carriers. In many European countries, plastic bags are no longer available, period. The same goes with recycling: excess, non-recycled garbage will be taxed over there, while getting enough recycle cans here is a struggle. And eco-tards like Staples sell recycled folders at a 60% premium over the non-recycled type, with the coucougnettes to call it a "Special Buy." Find the flaw...
photos LA Frog