Friday, February 22, 2008

L.A.'s Weeling & Dealing

We're in the market for furniture. An Aeron chair and a sectional sofa, to be precise. Hence our addiction to Craigslist. Which triggers some interesting experiences:
We bought an Aeron chair last weekend from a New Yorker who hated L.A. and was going back East. Turns out he screwed us: the supposedly one-year old chair was actually more than ten years old. We put it back on Craigs, stressing its age and wear, and sold it within a couple of hours at no loss.

As for the sofa, we hooked up with a guy who advertises on Craigslist at unbeatable prices. No wonder: his "showroom" is in a Public Storage unit in Culver City, and he only takes cash. Shady shady hush hush, but he'll design/copy any sofa style you want, and you only pay upon delivery.
Welcome to L.A.: the land of comers and goers, where everything is up for grabs if you bother to look around and fork out the cash.