Sunday, March 9, 2008

Elections French-Style

Après la belle, le clochard.
Meet Jean-Marc Restoux, a former homeless who lived on the streets of Paris for over 25 years. Not any streets, though: those of the posh 6th Arrondissement, home of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Jean-Marc has become the new darling of the media and local socialites, and even made it into the Celebrities section of W magazine.

Why such a buzz? Jean-Marc is running for Mayor of the 6th Arrondissement in the French local elections that take place this and next weekend. His slogan: Pour un nouveau son de cloche. Indeed. Yet whether Jean-Marc will actually make it to Mayorship despite the fashionable endorsements is another matter. Saint-Germain is simply too gauche-caviar -- with an emphasis on caviar; conservative caviar.

For more information on Jean-Marc and his program, check his blog. For a chance to spot him, just hang around the très chic Deux-Magots. [update 03/11/08: Jean-Marc scored an honorable 3.73% in the 1st round]
cropped photo