Monday, March 17, 2008

When the Crotte Hits The Fan

A friend of The Dude who is a contractor in Silicon Valley sent this recent email: "A client of mine that I built a house for is on hard times. Just as we were finishing the house he filed for divorce. A messy divorce. While it was underway he was staying in the 2200 square foot pool house, the wife was in the 9500 square foot main house and the two kids were staying with the Mexican nanny in east Palo Alto. I kid you not. The house is now for sale at the bargain price of 15 million. The only stable thing in the guy's life was his job....with Bear Stearns."
How better to encapsulate the troubled times we are going through? In case you Euros didn't notice, the economy is going AWOL here. We had known for months that the "mighty" dollar was worth peanuts on the international scene, but now is when the real crotte happens -- Bear Stearns & all. More on the state of U.S. reaganomics in Salon. And on the demise of American management in Slate.
image via Google Images