Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Culver City Trip

The Culver City galleries are once again a delight of art and diversity.
The scene is changing rapidly though, as the area gets discovered and progressively gentrified with the inevitable spike in rents. How long before this wonderful cluster of friendly gallery owners and young artists gets institutionalized? Meanwhile, the above finds include:

1. David Schevino @ George Billis
2. Soo Kim @ Sandroni Rey
3. Tim Lowly @ Koplin del Rio
4/5. Wangechi Mutu @ Los Angeles Projects
6. Laddie John Dill @ LA Contemporary
7. Guyton\Walker @ LAXART
8/9. Cynthia Ona Innis @ Walter Maciel

Favorites? Laddie John Dill's earthy landscape paintings and Cynthia Ona Innis' work. Also noted: Michel François' installation @ MC and Daniel Dove angst-ish contemporary America @ Cherry & Martin.
photos of artwork: 1/4/7/9 LA Frog, others via gallery websites