Monday, April 21, 2008

Rudofsky + California Video @ The Getty

There seems to be an exciting emulation between art venues in L.A.
Could it be a result of the much talked about opening of the new BCAM? L.A. is sizzling with great art shows these days: MOCA's Collecting Collections, California Science Museum's Body Worlds 3, Hammer's Kara Walker, the various art gallery clusters, and the Getty outstanding itself? A smorgasbord for the art-buff.

The Getty Center proposes two outstanding exhibits. First, an analysis of architect, fashion designer, curator and provocateur Bernard Rudofsky's work. A critic of Western design, Rudofsky systematically challenged architecture as a machine for living as opposed to what it should be: a way of life; and the clothes we wear as designed to punish and damage our bodies. Second, a retrospective of California video art, from socio-political statements of the 1970s to today's artsy productions. Both exhibits are absolutely outstanding and will take an entire day to enjoy if you really put your mind into it.
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