Saturday, May 3, 2008

While Hunting For A New Car

Up to 76mph for a cost of $0.02 per mile?
That's what this cute PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) promises. With its comic book retro-look, and a slender line that makes Smarts fat, the NmG, aka No More Gas, received a Well-Tech Award at Milan Design Week. It would be tempting as our new box on wheels -- except that this is L.A., the land of humongous barges that would soon trample over it on the freeways. And at a hefty $36,000, it is hard to justify solely as a city car. Still, on peut rêver... More pix and details via Inhabitat. Other Well-Tech Awards here. Bonus: the IHT notes a U.S. shift to smaller cars -- at last.
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