Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bug Appétit

How would you like your bug? Medium or rare?
"In the industrialized world, most people find the idea of eating insects repugnant," writes Science News in an article about the benefits of a bug-based diet. In these days of food price hikes, and shortages in certain parts of the world, people may be willing to listen to the argument. Yet, worms? roaches? crickets? ants?

"Residents of at least 113 nations eat bugs," which are more nutritious than beef and reduce the carbon footprint while feeding larger populations, says Science News. "Insects typically eaten by people are vegans and generally clean-living in their choice of food and habitat. Moreover, edible insects can forage on a far wider range of plants than do traditional meat animals."

Switching our diet to bugs may require to "paradigm-shift" our thinking, but gourmets have been eating crab, lobster, oysters, and other bottom feeders of the sea which make insects super clean and healthy in comparison. As Science News concludes, it all boils down to cultural aversion. So how about a bug burger tonight? Crunchy, huh?
illustration via Science News