Saturday, June 14, 2008


Dubbya is on a farewell trip in Europe this week. The thing is, nobody cares, as all eyes are set on the November election, with the hope that America will revert back to sanity in doctrine and policy. Monsieur Bush's speech at the OECD in Paris yesterday included signature delusional lines such as, "Instead of dwelling on our differences, we are increasingly united in our interests and ideals;" or better still, "When the time comes to welcome a new American president next January, I will be pleased to report to him that the relationship between the United States and Europe is the broadest and most vibrant it has ever been." W's fall into irrelevance was illustrated in the IHT, which published Bush urges Europe to unite with U.S. ideals and Bush's exit helps U.S. image abroad, survey shows almost side by side. So farewell, W. Du balai.
illustration via Google Images