Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MONA In Dire Financial Straits

L.A.'s Museum Of Neon Art needs help -- and funding -- fast.
Neon is an integral part of L.A.'s history and character. MONA is its tribute, yet a convalescent one. Kicked out of its previous premises for lack of funds, MONA has moved to Downtown's 4th Street. But it is only temporary, and the space is way too small to accommodate the museum's amazing/comprehensive collection of neon signs.

Even the current exhibit "Text Style/Content" lacks substance -- not because of poor curating or because there aren't enough works to display, but because the square footage is not there.

How can MONA be saved from a fatal nosedive? Can the local media and blogosphere help drum up support? It would be really sad to see Los Angeles' neon heritage fall into oblivion -- like so much of the city's fascinating but fading history.
[update 09/03/08: Neon Museum Gets Its Otherworldly Glow in WSJ]
photo LA Frog - from MONA's exhibit Text Sign/Content