Friday, July 11, 2008

Oil Prices Hitting Surfers Too

"The beauty of surf is that it's only you, the wave, and the board," an aficionado likes to say. If only it were true. "The surging cost of oil has been a dose of reality for many surfers who have long thought of their sport, with all its sun-kissed lore, as a counterculture niche shielded from the pressures of mainstream America," says the SMDP. From the cut-down drives to check the surf, to the skipped trips to exotic locales because of exploding airfares, to the new surf board which can no longer be afforded because, yes, surfboard products are petroleum-based, to the family workshops crumbling under economic hardship, it's a whole culture and lifestyle which are disappearing...while its faux-genuine corporate version is flourishing. photo LA Frog