Thursday, July 10, 2008

To Kill A Mockingbird

The thought has been on neighbors' sleep-deprived minds lately, as a mockingbird decided to elect domicile on a tree high above our rooftops, yet not high enough that his shrieking, nighttime serenades cannot be heard by the local, captive audience. The feathery tenor starts his concert every night at 1AM, and will keep at it for hours. What's his problem? Frustrated love. "Most nocturnal singers are unmated males," says All About Birds. And "loud and persistent" at that -- with a concert season likely to last until August or even September, warns L.A. Now. So we have one of three solutions: find the amoureux transi a babe (challenging,) load the BB gun (extreme,) or go to bed wearing earplugs (frumpy but effective.)
photo flickr/V. Mason