Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Venice RV Saga

Enjoy these Venice postcards: they may soon be part of a quaint past.The local blogosphere had been gossiping about it for a while. The L.A. Times finally put the finger on it: wheeled residents of Venice, once a long-time fixture of the city and local beaches, have become persona non grata, courtesy of the area's gentrification. This in an economy where more people are thrown on the streets than ever, or forced to live in whatever shed-on-wheels they have.

Even über-chichi, conservative Santa Barbara decreed to allow its on-wheels-only residents to live in dedicated areas. Why can't Venice -- one of the last bastions of California's counter-culture -- live up to it? Are we totally NIMBY'ed by this country's signature double-think?
photos : top 2 LA Frog - 3rd Fabien Lewkowitz/