Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flip Flop Hazard

Warning: flip flops may be hazardous for your health. They may even be more dangerous than an asbestos martini, says Curt Seeden -- poking fun at a recent article in the OC Register stating that flip flops may cause arch, ankle, hip and back injuries, as well as cancer, migraines, herpes and warts.

That is, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. Do we sense some lobbying from the profession here? Or maybe it is from the anti-flip flop 'fashionista' brigades? "Arch, ankle, hip and back injuries, migraines, herpes and warts," isn't it rather the result of wearing stilettos in the Summer cobble streets of Paris?

Having been kicked into holding a correct posture from the most tender age, I can attest that posture is the determining factor in health and well-being, not simply footwear. I see plenty of girls walking the streets of Los Angeles in high-heeled pumps, waddling awkwardly like tortured ducks on a speedway to spinal trauma. Not talking about basic hygiene. Of course, we could all wear orthopedic shoes but let's not go to extremes. There are locales and climates where flip flops just make sense. California is one of them. As a LAist reader comments, "Wear flip flops, but do yoga."
illustration via Goolge Images