Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let The Puppies Roam Free

This is not indecent exposure.
So says the law. Yesterday was national Go Topless Protest Day, an event that took place in ten U.S. cities including Venice Beach. Referring to August 26, 1920, when suffragettes were finally allowed to vote, Go Topless claims that women should have equal rights to bare chest as men do. Its is actually a constitutional right under the 14th Amendment, but the police will prosecute women as sex offenders and pedophiles for showing their nipples in public.

And here is the absurd twist: the generously busted valkyrie and her co-suffragettes above were all wearing fake nipples (which looked more "indecent" than real ones,) so their "attire" was legal. Talk about puritanistic hypocrisy.

Regardless of what one may think about baring breasts, the carnival-like event was typical Venice Beach as well as an interesting social study. European tourists had a good laugh (going topless on European beaches is legal and commonplace,) while some local teenagers froze in hormonal blush, and midwestern church patrol looking visitors rounded up their kids to cover their eyes.

The event drew its fair share of gawkers and saucy remarks, evidencing American society's uncomfortable relationship with body and flesh. Real and fake press and paparazzi, too. But it also drew plenty of support from men, who protested along the suffragettes with their nipples covered with stickers to emphasize the point. As the much advertised procession marched from Rose to Windward, people were shouting "The titties are coming! Here are the puppies! Bare breasts for free!" all in a good-humored atmosphere.

The protest ended on Windward, with the Go Topless founder making a long and tedious speech (full disclosure: the organization is affiliated with the Raelian Movement,) and baring her right nipple for thirty seconds while the crowd gave her cover form the Law. Kudos to the Venice police, by the way. They were present in impressive numbers, but remained discreet, and posted an avant-garde composed exclusively of women. Good-spirited lady cops, too, joking with onlookers and participants, and thrilled to get a few pairs of fake nipples for a good laugh back at the station.

The best quote came from the valkyrie, commendeering "Free our breasts! Elect Obama for topless freedom!" Perfect fodder for the McCain campaign: elect Obama, and the women might start running bare-breasted in the streets! More photos of the protest here.

Update 1: coverage on, Curbed LA & LAist with commentary such as "Issues like war and the economy will keep you up at night, but boobs is what'll get you up in the morning," or "I was suspicious, then it all came together. They were all Raelians. French UFO/sex/clone cultists. I signed up."

Update 2: while some women kick off their bras, others elect to wear ass-bras. How sad a reflection of American society.

Update 3: bras can delay you on flights!
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