Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Smart Parking

A Curbed LA reader wonders whether it is legal to park a Smart car perpendicular to the curb. Whilst it is common in Europe, and makes spatial sense, it is an incongruous sight in the streets of Los Angeles -- and a (still) illegal one. Smart themselves remain an oddity in Barge-land. Judging from the Curbed community's reaction to the reader's query, his thinking is definitely perpendicular to the average Joe, which makes for hilarious comments when read with froggie googles. Morceaux choisis:

Spatially ignorant: "Personally I think you deserve a ticket for being geometry ignorant." More belligerent: "I would love to see a smart car park like this, and then have regular cars park on either side of it really tight, so that the smart car owner wouldn't be able to open his/her doors. That would be smart." Dudish: "Perpendicular parking? now, that's mental raving cool." As the saying goes, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." And smart.
[via AP: An American perspective on Smart cars]
photo via Google Images