Friday, August 29, 2008

Zipcar Dispenser

The things you can get out of a dispensing machine.
We knew about newspapers; drinks & candy; flowers; jeans; even milk. How about cars? Back in 2004, Moskow Linn Architects came up with a "Prototype parking structure modeled on a giant PEZ dispenser. The tower doles out cars in lieu of candy, and maximizes Zipcar's presence in the city while providing a recognizable corporate symbol in underutilized residual urban spaces." The project won BSA's Unbuilt Architecture Award, and was originally intended for installation in Boston, New York and Washington. Yet despite its ingenuity, it was technically unfeasible because of the Zipcar fleet's lack of uniformity in design and size. But as Dwell says in its July/August issue, "Projects that help us to imagine the future of urban infrastructure bring us one step closer to tomorrow, starting with something as simple as Zipcars and moving to the entire urban world."
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