Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Presidential Burgers

For a burger view of the presidential election, just go to Paris:
If you live Paris and want to get in on some Presidential election-inspired foods, head to the Hotel Concord La Fayette in Paris for Obama and McCain burgers. Chef Laurent Belijar modeled Obama’s "O-Burger" after Obama’s birth state of Hawaii by making a curried patty topped with pineapple carpaccio and a mix of coriander-flavored shrimp. McCain’s “Elephant Burger” is southwest-themed, made of a tomato-flavored patty mixed with grilled lamb and guacamole and served with tomato salsa and nachos.
The burgers are available until November 4 and cost a whopper €22. Sounds like insane pricing from a greedy, bailout-happy BSD. Indigeste. Via Why Travel To France.