Monday, January 19, 2009

Sarkozy Busts Google Maps

Nicolas Sarkozy's hyperactivity is breaking the Google Maps record. French news site, which created the Sarko Map to track the French President's incessant buzzing around the world, is struggling with information overload. As wanted to keep using Google's free "My Maps" version -- which only authorizes 200 references -- the site had to first delete Sarkozy's trips in the Ile-de-France. Then it had to delete his trips in all of France.

It gets worse: with the President's recent va-et-vient in the Middle East, had to delete all references to his international trips in 2007, and the first half of 2008. The map above only shows Sarkozy's voyages from July 2008 to today. Hyperactive indeed. Guess Super-Sarko kept to his promise not to rest on his elected laurels.
illustration via