Friday, January 23, 2009

We'll Take The Rain. Not The Earthquake.

After a week of Santa Ana weather that brought Summer temps, the skies have broken in tears. Not that we complain: California is thirsty! But this region is not made, or built, for rain, and any hint of grey or wet has everyone moaning and groaning.

Adding to our petites natures' misery, we've just had an earthquake. Nothing serious, just a brutal snap which didn't even leave us time to duck under a table, yet with a 3.4 epicenter less than two miles away. Enough to freak us, and the neighbors, out.

We have all noticed the spike in seismic activity in the recent months. The USGS reported 557 earthquakes in the California/Nevada region for the past week alone. And experts keep warning us that the Big One is overdue. By Big One, they mean a 7.8 earthquake which could last up to three minutes, and send us rocking sideways at a six feet per second pace. So small, harmless earthquakes like tonight's are a good drill. Hoping everyone is safe out there!
photo sig310 via - Sunset Boulevard today