Sunday, February 15, 2009

Darwin In The Winter

Darwin is one of those funky, off the beaten track former mining towns secluded in the heart of the Mojave desert. Check it out on the web, and you would think that it has disappeared into oblivion.

Yet, Darwin has a a unique, 30-strong community made of Big Sur hippie heirs, post-1968 activists, and French expats who have made the deliberate decision to live away from mainstream society -- whether it is in beaten Airstreams, or in custom-built troglodyte homes they keep digging/expanding as needed. It also boasts its own hot springs locals revel in.

Darwin is one of those ultimate places to go to if you feel the need to "cleanse your life away from L.A." But venture there at your own risk, and only if you personally know a local who will vouch for you in this small, tightly knit "tribe." More on Darwin here.
photos Sailor Odile

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