Thursday, February 26, 2009

Geeks: A Brief History

The geek: a new object of desire?
Following the release of Cyprien, a movie about a 35-year old geek played by French comic Elie Semoun, the news site 20 minutes looks at the evolution of geeks from socially inept dweeps to trendy dudes.

Using movies as a redline, the site retraces and decrypts the codes and perceptions of geekitude since the 1980s -- starting with War Games, Riptide, Code Lisa, X-Files, Swordfish... all the way to The Matrix and the series 24 -- concluding: "The geek is the new modern man. We don't poke fun at him anymore, we try to emulate him. Call it revenge time." A fun article. Translator for non-francophones.
Photos: Elie Semoun/Cyprien via - Matrix Reloaded poster via Goggle Images

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