Friday, February 27, 2009

Octopus Unplugged

Some "comical" neighborhood news.
The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium staff got a drenching surprise when they got to work last Tuesday: 200 gallons of sea water had flooded the entire place. A quick investigation revealed that one of the aquarium's pensioners, an octopus described by staff as particularly gregarious, mischievous and ingenious, had tugged on a valve during the night, dislodging a tube and allowing water to overflow, reports the local paper SMDP. Apparently, it wasn't the tiny, one-pound rascal's first attempt -- and she's at it again. "It’s actually quite comical," says public programs manager Tara Crow, "I think the whole staff is still laughing about the ordeal." Better valves, anyone?
photo of the culprit: Tara Crow via SMDP

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