Tuesday, March 3, 2009


For Euros, limos in L.A mean Hollywood glitter, strippers, Italian sunglasses, ridiculously overstretched Lincolns and mo-fo Hummers (ever witnessed one trying to negotiate the LAX parking lots?)
So what do you make of a limo-fleet Prius, like this one spotted in Marina del Rey? Eco-cabs such as London's Climatecars have become commonplace (went through San Jose airport last week, all cabs were Priuses.) Cities have gone eco-conscious when it comes to their fleet: Santa Monica has done it for years, and the NYPD is going hybrid, following Venice's lifeguards. Even Jack Bauer is going green.

But eco-limos? Oxymoron-ous as it may seem, they're obviously coming into town. Don't hold your breath, though: a quick look at this Prius' Brooklyn Limousine website reveals that the eco-babe may just be a greenwashing exception to the company's fleet.
photo LA Frog

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