Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freeganism: A Trend Or A Necessity?

First, we heard about guerrilla gardening. Then about its mainstream version: urban gardening. Then, economic climate oblige, about today's update of Depression-era victory gardens, with examples in L.A., Detroit, Flint, or San Francisco -- to name a few. This week, U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama broke ground on a White House potager. And today's headlines included stories about grocery auctions and eat burgers for a cause.

France has just discovered Freeganism -- a U.S.-based movement where people privilege foraging in garbage rather than buying food outright -- portraying it as a trend, a hype. Even Wikipedia calls it an "anti-consumerist movement." Is it just so? Or is it simply part of a multi-faceted, community-based, entrepreneurial way of survival? Update: Scavengers taking in the trash.
photo Erid Thayer/Reuters via

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