Monday, March 30, 2009

German Art Of The Cold War @ BCAM

The LACMA @ BCAM currently hosts Art of Two Germanys/Cold War Cultures, a stunning retrospective of art in East and West Germany from the end of WWII to the fall of the Berlin Wall.
The show features 300 paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, installations and books by 120 artists, examining the intricate connections between art and ideology, two sides of a same culture, two faiths of a country's collective psyche.

Spanning over 40 years, Art of Two Germanys is divided into four main sections: 1945-49 Mourning, Melancholy, and the Search for National Identity; 1950s National Aesthetics Defined by the Cold War; 1960s & 1970s Working Through and Acting Out; and 1980s Blurring Boundaries and the Waning of the Cold War.

With the wealth of material on display, one can easily spend a day at the exhibit. Installation slideshow here. Superb catalog. Excellent review by Tom Christie in LA Weekly.
Catalog scans: 1. Sibylle Bergemann (Untitled, 1984); 2.Willi Sitte (Massacre II, 1959); 3.Wolf Vostell (B-52 Lipstick Bomber, 1968); 4.Wolfram Adalbert scheffler (The Musician, 1987); 5.Joseph Beuys (Sled, 1969); 6.Theo Balden (The Blind Warriors, 1945); 7.Anselm Kiefer (Nüremberg, 1982); 8.Jörg Immendorff (Yellow & Brown Babies, 1967).


Carly Cram said...

it was the most beautiful show.

LA Frog said...

Mind-blowing indeed. Gives full meaning to the word "Retrospective," in a true, international Art Capital sense.